Portfolio of Projects

Marketing: Amy Ray

April 15, 20140 Comments

This is an electronic press kit that was done for Amy Ray’s new album entitled, Goodnight Tender.   This album is her first country music album, so we wanted to emphasize the process that she used when creating the work, as well as tell the stories behind the songs.

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November 14, 20130 Comments

Art West Film is a full service production company and was founded with the belief that individuals can change the world through the power of ideas. Preview some of our most recent projects.

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Film: Keepers of the Gate

October 8, 20120 Comments

Keepers of the Gate is a thriller about the way information is used in the 21st century. It examines the way it is obtained and delivered to individuals through the story of two journalists in Iraq covering a story. It explores the convergence of old and new technology and how messages are constructed and filtered. […]

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Film & Television

Paradise Garden Documentary Interview

December 9, 20140 Comments

The late Howard Finster defined Southern folk art with his self-taught works. A born-again Baptist pastor, Finster famously dedicated his creations to God, tallying up to about 47 thousand works during his lifetime. Among those efforts was Paradise Garden near Summerville, a 2.5-acre slice of land holding various worship temples, structures, and countless tiny Christian […]

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Whole World 20

October 19, 20140 Comments

This is a documentary film that chronicles 20 years of Whole World Improv Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. The film stars many of the alumni from the theater, as well as the rising stars of Improv in the South.  Ava Leigh Stewart collaborated with Chip Powell, the Artistic Director for the theater, who she met 15 […]

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Beyond the Gate

March 28, 20140 Comments

“Beyond the Gate” is about the struggle of a photographer to translate his visions into reality through his art. He challenges the world to be better through the creation of beauty. When tragedy changes Pedro’s life forever, he struggles to find inspiration again in the same way by exploring his deepest demons and wildest dreams. […]

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Beyond Fear Marketing Preview

April 15, 20140 Comments

Preview the poem, “Devastation” from the poetry book, Beyond Fear. The poem was inspired by Monsanto’s lack of social responsibility in the developing world and the subsequent deaths of Indian farmers who could not afford the fertilizer they needed to successfully plant and harvest their crops. Many farmers committed suicide by drinking the Monsanto weed […]

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Novel: Everything in Between

April 15, 20140 Comments

Everything in Between is a fictional drama about McLean Edwards who is making all the preparations to leave home for the first time to attend college. She is armed with the goal of education and marriage – her first milestone is to land a place on sorority row. After being blacklisted during rush, her life […]

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Novel: Memoirs of Oblivion

April 5, 20140 Comments

I am proud to announce my novel Memoirs of Oblivion. I was compelled to write Memoirs of Oblivion after my family’s experience with traumatic brain injury. If the injury itself was not enough, all the systems in place to provide protection and support were severely broken. This story takes place over one year and is […]

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New Media

Film Titles: The Angel

October 1, 20120 Comments

I worked with Paul Hough to create the graphic design for his film “The Angel”. Since a lot of the film uses lighting design that focuses on flickering fluorescent bulbs, we incorporated that visual effect into the light animation of the title sequence design. I chose a font that complemented the genre to set the […]

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Underwater Videography

September 30, 20120 Comments

This was my first experience with underwater film and done over a series of two dives with the Ocean Explorers in St Maarten. It is the oldest dive shop in St Maarten, owned and operated by longtime resident LeRoy French a renowned underwater photographer. I have always loved underwater still photography and was excited to […]

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September 27, 20120 Comments

This is a music video done for Nine Inch Nails 36-track instrumental album entitled, Ghosts. It aired during various events and concerts. The concept for this video was developed with the idea that synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that […]

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In the News


March 4, 20160 Comments

We started work on a new film entitled, Dreamcatcher. It is a story about the process of creation told through a poetic journey across the country. The film visually interprets the metaphors of life and challenges the power of words to transform lives. We started production in Atlanta, and pre-production in Nashville, Tennessee, and will […]

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2015 Best of West Hollywood Award

April 25, 20150 Comments

Art West Film has been selected for the 2015 Best of West Hollywood Award in the Video Production Service category by the West Hollywood Award Program. Each year, the West Hollywood Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that […]

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Art West Film works to resurrect Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden

December 5, 20140 Comments

Paradise Garden is a feature documentary film showing how art can thrive outside of museums and galleries in ordinary places and in everyday objects through the story of Howard Finster’s legacy. Ava Leigh Stewart directed the film that captures Paradise Garden reborn from a “Place in Peril” to a viable economic development tool in North […]

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Happy New Year from Art West Film

December 31, 20140 Comments

Every New Year is a time for reflection and a fresh start. A goal without a plan is just a dream, so it is a good time to look at where you are and what you need to accomplish your dreams. The entertainment industry is a tough one to navigate and it takes a lot […]

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October 19, 20140 Comments

I worked as an Art Director on this post-apocalyptic thriller, Refuge.   The film is set amid the ruins of a collapsed America, Refuge chronicles a family’s struggle to survive and rebuild a life in the wake of a great catastrophic plague.  Living in isolation, within an old boarded up home, they do their best to […]

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Paradise Garden screening in Atlanta

August 19, 20140 Comments

Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden, near Summerville, Ga., was in a state of peril, a deteriorated and fragile visionary art environment, until the Paradise Garden Foundation reclaimed, reopened and renovated the long vacant property. Director, Ava Leigh Stewart, and the team at Art West Film, documented the revival for several years until Paradise Garden reopened in […]

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